Westway Diner, where Larry David told Jerry his idea for the show.

Where the delivery boy (on TV his name was Ping in real life
his name was Allen) came from to call China to order George
hair growing tonic.

Where Kramer was banned for returning peaches.

Where Kramer and Newman got the black market shower heads.

Where Kramer got ices for Bette Midler.

Where George met Susan and her lesbian girlfriend.

"Lesbians frighten me. Every time I see one I think
they are pointing at me and saying... that's why
I'm not heterosexual". George Castanza

The Y where George and Jerry met whom?

What was Jerry doing while watching this romantic epic?

What happened to Jake Jarmel and what did Elaine do here?

What happened here? If you know you win a prize.
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Where is this located and what happened here?
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HINT: What is Barry Gluck of the Royale Kosher Bake Shop holding?

Here is a tough one. What happened here?