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KENNY KRAMER is a man with a mission: to become the next Mayor of New York City. He is running on the Libertarian Ticket.

Tired of career politicians ruled by special interests, patronage, and cronyism? Then Kenny Kramer is your candidate. Tired of the Rockefeller Drug Laws and this country's phony drug war that make criminals out of nonviolent, productive citizens? Tired of the never-ending problems with our schools, police and draconian laws that control business and our everyday lives?

Then Kenny Kramer is your candidate.

Kenny Kramer is running not just to represent New Yorkers, but to represent all citizens. He does not pander to the OLD New York and their decade old views, but instead represents a NEW dynamic generation that brings new life into an old city.

Kramer takes a NEW approach to old problems with radical yet rational policies to represent the real people of New York City.

Let his candidacy for mayor serve as a referendum--let it say "We the People are tired of political business as usual and want to try something different." Kenny Kramer is not a lawyer, not a career politician, and not an egomaniac, but a real person.

In order for the Kramer for Mayor campaign to succeed, it will take a great deal of help from lots of people. This is a chance for real people to make a difference in the political process. If you would like to help, please visit the volunteer section or send an email with any way you might be able to pitch in -- physically, mentally, or financially.

Please support Kenny Kramer - For a NEW New York.

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