This is a drawing of Kenny Kramer.
It is NOT a police artist's rendering of the Unabomber.

January 19, 1996

Hello Fellow Seinfans:

Yesterday was some day in the life of Real Kramer. For those of you who missed it on Thursday January 18 the "official" announcement of KRAMERS REALITY TOUR was published on the cover of the Metro section of The New York Times in a story written by John Tierney.

Starting at 5 AM my life became a media frenzy. Twelve hours later I had done TV interviews with Hard Copy, Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, Current Affair, Extra, Fox 5 news, WCBS TV News, and WPIX TV News, NY 1 News, plus three or four radio shows and probably one or two more that I'm forgetting. It's still kind of a blur. Most of the interviews were done in my apartment. It was a zoo with one or two TV crews waiting in the lobby of my building for most of the morning and afternoon. The power of the New York Times combined with the popularity of Seinfeld...WOW.

Larry called a couple of times yesterday. Both he and Jerry are getting a tremendous kick out of all the publicity I've been getting. It's really a fun time for me.

As part of the article my 800 number was published and the phone has been ringing off the hook since Thursday morning. I'm letting the answering machine take the calls now or I'd never finish writing this. There is a message giving out Tele-charge's phone number. I did and still do answer some calls myself and all the Seinfans who I spoke to have been Just great, really supportive and encouraging. At 5:15 today, as I was writing this got my first crank phone call. The voice said "Hello Newman" and hung up.

I gotta go now. I've been trying to get to the Jacuzzi for the past six hours. I just wanted to keep you informed as to what's happennin.

About Al the soup guy, he takes great umbrage with the N-word. He's a good guy and his soup is really out of this world. I had a seafood bisque the other day and I couldn't believe the chunks of lobster and amount of shrimp. It's defiantly going to be a reality tour pit-stop when we run it mid-week matinee. (He's closed Sat. & Sun)

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