(New York, NY - July 15, 2013) The Real Kramer, Kenny Kramer, who for 17 years has led 'Seinfeld' fans on his popular 'Kramer Reality Tour', can now marry loving couples in a legitimate wedding ceremony that is bound to beat anything an 'Elvis Impersonator' can serve up in Las Vegas, or anywhere worldwide.

A Kramer concept that could easily have been an episode of 'Seinfeld', Kenny Kramer has become ordained by the Universal Life Church--a non-denominational Ministry ... and is now legally empowered to be a wedding officiant.


If a State issued marriage license has been obtained, at the conclusion of the ceremony, the bride and groom, or the bride and the bride, or the groom and the groom, will be legally wed.

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Kenny Kramer declared "I will marry anyone, as long as they are in love and it is legal." In New York State, as well as twelve other States and in several countries around the world, same sex marriage is legal and Kramer is legally empowered to perform such marriage ceremonies.

To add to the flavour of the wedding there are many 'Seinfeld' themed options in New York City for ceremonies and receptions. One option is to be married on the 'Kramer Reality Tour' chartered especially for the happy couple and their friends. At the conclusion of the ceremony the bus can take the wedding party on an abbreviated Seinfeld tour on the way to a reception venue. The wedding and reception can be as simple as having Kramer officiate, or be as elaborate as the budget allows.

Kenny Kramer is also available to travel to whatever city in the US, or country around the world, in which a couple may wish to have Kenny conduct their wedding ceremony, or renew their vows.

Kramer says "Like any wedding, people will need to book well in advance, because as the word gets out that The Real Kramer is officiating wedding ceremonies, I can see my schedule becoming quite busy. After all, while there are dozens of 'Elvis Impersonators' that can marry people there is only one Real Kramer."

"I have created a humorous ceremony with some Kramer and Seinfeld references and very little of the 'yada yada yada', but at the end of the day it is a serious ceremony, so at some point I will become serious and reference the obvious love that the couple have for each other as well as their great sense of humor. Proof of which is the fact that I'm conducting their wedding ceremony" Kenny Kramer added.

"Some may think this is just an elaborate Kramer scheme to travel America and the world for free, but this wasn't my motivation at all. However, I do have to admit it's not a bad travel perk now that I think about it! It is a new vocation ... combined with a vacation! How Kramer is that?" Kenny Kramer joked.

The Kramer Reality Tour will also continue to operate on an infrequent basis and mostly through peak tourist seasons in New York City. Bookings for 'The Kramer Reality Tour' and info on 'Real Kramer Weddings' will be via his website Info on Kenny's stage version of the tour that travels to colleges, theaters and corporate events can be found at

Interested couples to discuss your wedding plans with Kenny Kramer, please contact Kenny at: