Kramer For Mayor

Ron English first came to my attention around April '97. His painting of The Restaurant depicting Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer sitting in Monks spoofing Edward Hooper was on a postcard invitation to a gallery opening of Ron's work.

I went. I flipped out!!!!

What blew my mind is that Ron not only is a highly skilled artist, but the man is funnier than shit! Also, I'm happy to report he's a terrific guy.

Introduced myself and invited him to paint my official Kramer For Mayor portrait. Obviously I'm thrilled and flattered by the result. My candidacy is over but the painting lives on.

I'm not going to go on raving about him. His work speaks for itself and can be seen at his site.

Incidentally the original is 42X32 oil on canvas.

Kramer For Mayor

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